Uses for Canopi


Using Presence's backend or working with a Presence team member, you can set up an Canopi event where people can meet and interact on a webpage at a specified time.
Occasions for such events could include launches, openings, meetups, feedback sessions, and meetings. You can create event pages with embedded live feeds or media for people to watch and talk about.

Getting Feedback on Content

If you are looking for feedback from your community on webpage content, you can set up a Canopi on the webpage with instructions for providing feedback. Team members can also have conversations with visitors.

Providing Support

Team members can remain on-page to answer any questions during critical onboarding periods, starting chatrooms as needed, pinning important notices, and posting key fixes in the Canopi.

Building Community

More than anything, Canopi was built to enable communities to from, grow, and interact around webpages. When we are literally "on the same page."
Thats's why we try to be strategic about the pages upon which we play a canopi. canopies work well on pages with high traffic and high time-on-page. To build your Canopi community,
  • Interact with interesting people in the Visible list
  • Ask questions on the Canopi live chat related to the page content
  • Reply to relevant posts in the Canopi live chat
  • Invite people to join the Canopi
  • Host events in your Canopi
  • Plant easter eggs in selected Canopi live chats
  • Involve selected Canopis in meetings, brainstorming, promotions, team building, competitions, and treasure hunts.