Presence Settings

This page describes the settings for using Presence


In the top of the sidebar, click the down arrow to the right of the Presence logo to display a dropdown list with your meta-communities. Everyone must have at least one active meta-community and a primary meta-community.
When in the Canopi, you only see posts to your active meta-communities and your posts go to your primary meta-community.
Every Presence registrant is in the Overweb meta-community. If you are in other meta-communities, you can activate them by click ing their checkbox. Once you have at least two meta-communitiesactive, you can click the three dots to change which one is primary.


In the top of the sidebar, click the bell icon to display the notifications panel.
Click the All button to see all notifications.
Click the Unread to see the unread notifications.
Click the three dots to make all as read.

Presence Settings

In the top of the sidebar, click your avatar icon to display the settings panel.
Toggle Visible on the Tab off and on.
Change your status between Available, Away, Busy, and a custom message.
Toggle Sound off and on.
Click Account Settings to view or update account settings
Click Logoff to sign out.
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